Thursday, 21 August 2014

Time at Shillington

I've been very quiet on the blog front over the past few months due to the intensity of my graphic design course at Shillington College. I thought it may be cool to give an insight into what I've been up to for the last 3 months, especially if you're thinking of going back into education as I found that decision incredibly hard to make seeing as a few people around me couldn't grasp the idea, feeling as if I was going backwards rather than forward – but it was the best decision I made!

I remember thinking 3 months seemed too good to be true to learn the software (including producing a kick arse portfolio) but the amount of detail the tutors go into is pretty insane. I learnt it's not all down to the tutors though, you definitely need to put in all you've got and keep at it after classes. With around 30 briefs to work through losing concentration was expected but I tried to think of something to push me forward, for me that push came in the form of getting out of the rut I was in with constant dead end jobs with no real opportunities to move forward.

We were definitely looked after well when it came to food, with pizzas being a regular occurrence including plenty of drink to wash it all down. Regular gatherings after class helped with breaking the ice as we all know meeting new people may feel a tad on the awkward side at first.

There was a strong momentum in class, taking 5-10 minutes away from the computers to chat about other things worked wonders – especially during portfolio week when we were all on the verge of pulling our hair out.

...and when times got really tough there was always the odd cat video to push us through!

Portfolio time came round faster than expected, checking out what everyone had achieved in just 3 months was pretty mind blowing stuff. It was an awesome turn out at the grad show with good vibes all round.

It was definitely bitter sweet though – bitter due to leaving such a cool place with good people but on the other hand sweet as I felt excited for the future, which is a feeling I hadn't felt for some time!

You can check out the projects I worked on for my portfolio here

Cheers for sticking around!

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Screen Print

This weeks been a tiring but exciting one, I only have a month left of my course so everything has been upped a notch and the pressure is fully on for portfolio time in a couple of weeks. Not to dwell on that though, this week I popped to a cool screen printing joint in Salford called Hot Bed Press where a few of us got messy printing! Our teacher for the evening Mandy was ace, regardless of the sweltering heat she kept her cool when lending a hand to help us all out (especially me!) with the printing process. Definitely an enjoyable experience which I'd love to do again, it's so satisfying seeing how your illustration gets a new lease of life.

This illustration was part of my hand lettering series for an handmade project brief, you can see more of the process shots from that brief on my Instagram (I finally got one, yeah!).