Saturday, 21 June 2014

Screen Print

This weeks been a tiring but exciting one, I only have a month left of my course so everything has been upped a notch and the pressure is fully on for portfolio time in a couple of weeks. Not to dwell on that though, this week I popped to a cool screen printing joint in Salford called Hot Bed Press where a few of us got messy printing! Our teacher for the evening Mandy was ace, regardless of the sweltering heat she kept her cool when lending a hand to help us all out (especially me!) with the printing process. Definitely an enjoyable experience which I'd love to do again, it's so satisfying seeing how your illustration gets a new lease of life.

This illustration was part of my hand lettering series for an handmade project brief, you can see more of the process shots from that brief on my Instagram (I finally got one, yeah!). 

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Phone Snaps

Apologies for the lack of updates, can't believe I managed to skip April completely on the blog. I recently moved to Manchester to study graphic design for 3 months at Shillington College. I'm hoping to document more of my time on here as I struggled finding a lot of information about the course when I was deciding so it may help others! So far it's been an intense few weeks but I'm really enjoying myself!

I took a trip back home a couple weeks ago and had a roam around Birmingham on the look out for photographs and general bits and bobs for my visual diary. The photo quality isn't the best due to just snapping on my mobile but I came across this very quirky shop that is smaller than my bedroom (and I have a small room!) jam packed full of general nice stuff. You'd think slapping loads of objects in a room would be chaotic however it all seemed very well put together. I thought this mirror looked really sweet, pretty nautical!